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Our Bison Box Program

Our ranch team is developing a bison box program. We would love to hear your insights at a few key times — like when we are looking at the box branding and considering some outside the box ideas to make it the best program on earth. We promise not to bug you.

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A bit about us:

 We are an American family-owned bison ranch in Sayre, OK with 1,600 acres and a herd size of 700 animals. Located on historic Route 66 in Western Oklahoma history surrounds our small town of Sayre. We take a ton of pride in everything we do, knowing that the farm will be passed down to our generations to come. If you find yourself close we would love to show you around. Just reach out to Jessi.

A bit about
our Bison:

Bison has fewer calories, less fat and saturated fat and more protein than beef. It’s also rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B12, omega 3-fats and the antioxidant selenium. 

Benjamin Lee Bison are humanely raised in a natural lifestyle which encourages happier & healthier bison. 

If you can’t wait to buy what we think is the most tender Bison around, just head over to our site. 

Regenerative Ranching

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natural bison steaks

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natural bison steaks

100% Pasture Raised  

natural bison steaks

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